Smart DoorBell Camera - for Professional Installers!

The Power of a Video Intercom and the Mobility of a Smartphone

With the GoControl Smart Doorbell Camera, you can see who is there, and answer your door on your smartphone app!

GoControl Smart Home Solutions

Precisely Engineered

Advanced weather-proof design, fisheye camera lens and always powered-up battery provide an enormous amount of real-time video streaming power. With advanced motion detection capabilities, the GoControl Smart Doorbell Camera can alert you to the presence of visitors before they even ring the doorbell.

GoControl Smart Home Solutions


Powerful App Included

Every GoControl Smart Doorbell Camera comes with a smartphone app, available for multiple users and devices. With our Doorbell Camera and the app, you'll never worry about receiving important packages, when you’re not at home. Answer the door remotely and instruct the delivery person on your app. View your activity log for added monitoring and security, and never miss an alert or an event.

How to Upgrade App & Firmware

1. Upgrade “GoControl MyDoorbell” app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
2. Accept the Terms of Service.
3. Log in to your Doorbell Camera account (If you forget your password, use the Forgot Password link on the screen).
4. NOTE: If installing/using the MyDoorbell account for the first time, you will need to create an account and follow the screen prompts. You will need to install the Doorbell Camera prior to using the app. Refer to the instructions shipped with the GoControl Smart Doorbell Camera for more help.
5. Select About Devices from the Menu (Look for the red dot).
6. Select your Doorbell Camera and then update the Firmware.
7. Give it about 5 minutes to download and install.

Playback Cloud Recording

1. Select Recorded Events from the MyDoorbell app main page for your doorbell camera.
2. NOTE: The Cloud Recording Feature maintains the last 100 events.
3. Select either video or snapshot to view the event. Cloud Recording Trail Feature is free ‘til Match 31, 2018. Snapshots are always free.
4. NOTE: The Purple “P” icon indicates a PIR event, a Yellow “M” icon indicates a Video Motion Event.

Video Motion Detection

1. Note that Video Motion detection may be used separately or with PIR detection. Video detection works great selecting specific regions or zones for motion. PIR detection works best for detecting heat generated by people or animals (or other heat generating objects).
2. Select System Settings from Menu, select your Doorbell Camera.
3. Select Motion Region under Video Motion Detection to set the video motion detection zones.
4. Select any of the nine (9) zones to activate video motion detection. A green block means the motion will be detected in that region or zone. At least one green zone must be selected in order for this feature to work.
5. Select Motion Sensitivity under Video Motion Detection. Choose a setting appropriate for the desired motion detection sensitivity. Note that higher sensitivity may generate more unwanted motion alerts. It is recommended to start with the “Low” sensitivity setting.

WiFi Chime

1. Purchase the WiFi Chime sold separately, model GC-DBC-C2. Up to four (4) of the WiFi Chimes may be added to a Doorbell Camera.
2. Review the instructions that ship with the WiFi Chime for installation, indicator lights, volume control and selection of Chimes.
3. Select System Settings from Menu, select your Doorbell Camera.
4. Select Add WiFi Chime under WiFi Chime...follow on-screen prompts to add each WiFi Chime to the Doorbell Camera.

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